Loose leaf teas are full-leaf,  usually hand-picked teas whose quality and beauty are visually evident.  Loose leaf tea is superior to standard bagged tea both for its enhanced flavor and health benefits that comes when brewing its full-sized delicate leaves, and the enhanced  joy that comes from this ritualized tea experience itself. Often times bagged tea is filled with very fine low grade tea “fannings” – what is essentially tea-dust that is left over on the sorting table after the higher-quality loose leaf tea has been sorted out first. This low-grade tea can be “hidden” in bags and passed on to the consumer as “quality” or “value”.  The bleached tea bags, metallic staples and cotton stings also serve to alter the taste of the brewed tea.  We believe you deserve better. Tea drinking culture has been alive and active for thousands of years- bringing pleasure and social depth to millions of people. This joy and tradition is still alive with us today and our loose-leaf teas foster its continuation. We are thrilled to share our love and knowledge of tea with you through our incredible tea selection.